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You Found A Lump In Your Breast, Should You Be Worried? Yes & No

Initially, she found it funny and weird, but there was little to lose so she gave it a try. She struggled to remember the exact routine the doctor described and so she ended up freestyling – which was just as effective anyway, or so she thought.

When she first found nothing, she was relieved, then she decided to probe a little deeper, she had become comfortable with the routine. She made circles, drew lines and even did the wedge, until she struck something in her left breast. It was a lump.

More and more ladies are discovering lumps in their breasts – partly due to increased awareness and partly due to other factors – this helps because treatment can be commenced early if needed. Yes, early detection saves lives, truly.

Four out of five breast lumps found in young women are benign, meaning they are not cancerous – probably just a collection of hyperactive breast tissue or even fluid – but you cannot make this distinction from a self-breast examination.

So how can you tell, when to be worried and when not to be?

Breasts by themselves are lumpy, the part just under the nipple and areola feels like a sac of grains, and beyond the areola it’s all lobules of fat, blood vessels, the fibrous tissue that keeps the breasts of young ladies perky and the milk production and secretion system. Bottomline, the breasts are not expected to have a uniform texture naturally.

Breast lumps however are distinct, almost always one can tell that a breast lump is not part of the breast. The irregularity is usually striking. It could be unmovable, and feel like there is a peanut stuck in there, or soft and movable like a grape. Although they can be large in size about two centimeters or more, most times they are small less than one centimeter.

The best thing to do is to see a doctor and run some investigations – a doctor’s assessment and results of investigations. Meanwhile other symptoms to look out for include, pain around the lump and discharge from the nipples, these will help make the picture clearer and possibly eliminate the need for further investigations.