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The Pain, Frustration and Anxiety of Living with Breast Cancer.

Its 7am in the morning I lay awake in bed wishing somebody and anybody will take me out of my misery, I feel pain, I feel angry at everyone and everything, I feel like biting a pillow because the pain is consistent like an irritating bug that only goes way when you swipe you hand only to return immediately your hands are down. But mostly am angry at life for dealing me this card, I mean breast cancer, why me?  

Dealing with breast cancer may cause patients to feel this way, cancer comes with a lot of fear of the unknown, anxiety and pain, the pain is mostly caused by damage to tissues or nerves by the cancer cells and sometimes pressure on nerve endings that then transmit pain impulses to the brain. Breast cancer doesn’t only degenerate breast tissues its degenerates the sufferer.

Here are 3 things people battling with breast cancer might feel;

(1) Pain

Pain is experienced in most forms of cancer including breast cancer; cancer pain is one of the most intense pains anyone can experience, it is both a physical, emotional and psychological experience. I have seen lots of cancer patients in pain while most of them will put up a brave face, you can tell by looking at them that the pain is extreme. A lot of family and social support is needed at this time for the individual suffering from breast cancer. This pain is usually relieved by use of a prescribed analgesic, the stronger pain killers are usually taken under the supervision of a health care provider.

The pain of breast cancer can be reduced by discussing with health care providers about the pain you are feeling and how it affects you e.g. if it affects your ability to sleep at night. This helps health providers decide what pain medication to prescribe. Surgery might be carried out to reduce pain in incases where it is a cancer tumor that is pressing on a nerve and causing pain.

Other therapeutic measures such as exercise, physiotherapy, yoga and meditation may be useful for reducing pain depending on the individual experiencing breast cancer.

(2) Frustration

No one deserves to be sick much less live with breast cancer, if you have breast cancer you may find yourself lashing out at everyone and everything around you. It is alright to be angry, especially as it is a recognized stage in the grieving process before accepting the illness, but lashing out doesn’t make the cancer go away but rather it affects you emotionally and psychologically and may affect your treatment process.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is one thing, following through with the treatment process is another, the constant throwing up from chemotherapy or the pain from going for surgery again and again could be frustrating but you have the choice to react differently. Make the best of every moment you have, take each day as it comes, live in the moment, be loving to your family and those around you, this might be very hard but it will pay off in the end.

Most breast cancer survivors will tell you that what saw them through their treatment process was their determination to beat this disease, they decided to outlive the disease by having hope and a positive attitude. And it helps.

 (3) Fear And Anxiety

Fear of the unknown is very common with cancer cases because you don’t know how your treatment process will go, joining a support group for breast cancer will help, find someone you can express your fears to, it could be your health care provider, family member, friend or religious leader. Breast cancer should not be fought alone; avoid isolation and seek help when you need it and surround yourself with positive energy.

Fear paralyses people and prevents them from doing things they would ordinarily have done to get better. Live life as it comes, there will be the fear of dying, the fear of not being the same again after your treatment, stay strong, you are a survivor.

Most importantly find people who have survived breast cancer, there is strength to be found in the tales of other people’s victory over breast cancer and if the doctors say it is too late, find joy in your everyday life, live, love, laugh, it will be hard at first and sound silly because who laughs in the face of adversity? You do.