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Health Guide to NYSC


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme commenced on the 22nd of May 1973 with the view of promoting national unity, proper encouragement as well as the development of common ties among Nigeria youths. 


Till date, it has led to a massive amount of untold stories of lifelong friendships, connections, romances and most importantly memories. We at Hellocare are after your best interests, and we would like to offer tips on how to meet the end of camp in the best of shape. This is because it can be quite psychologically tasking and can take a huge toll on you physically. 


The first day of camp is registration day and it is a long one. You are in the midst of many and for those that are flung far away from home, you may not know anyone. Save yourself mental gymnastics by arriving early and having all the required documents with you, preferably in a folder you can easily access. You get your NYSC kit and placed in a platoon on this day.


A typical day at camp starts at 4:30 am with the beagle rousing from your precious slumber. The beagle signifies parade time when you move to the parade ground and partake in the activity line up for the day. It usually involves a lot of coordinated exercises which sometimes can be fun. Get good comfortable trainers to make this easier. You can also have a bottle of water to refresh you and keep you dehydrated. That time of the morning is usually quite cold especially in the Northern parts of the country. You will do well to bring your sweaters along.


Eating and eating well is of paramount importance. The camp serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at specified times. You have an alternate option of getting food from the mammy market. Kindly be selective with where you choose to eat. Observe food stalls at a distance before feasting on their produce. Hygiene and food safety may be compromised. Try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible.


Bathrooms and toilets are few relative to the multitudes of corpers and some corpers will not be too big on hygiene. The camp is not the place for regular bathroom visits. Pace your eating and drinking. Be careful with going on adventure trips with your stomach. Have your disinfectants and hand sanitizers handy.


Lights are out by 10 pm. Waking up so early consecutively to go for parade activities eventually starts to take a toll, Getting enough sleep through the night gets you well-rested and energized for the day's activities.


Remember to take all your medications along if you have routine medications. Feel free to visit the camp clinic, they are on hand to help with uncomplicated cases.


Tales of sexual escapades abound during camp. It is in your best interest to apply caution to desires. There have been tales of corpers getting caught on the parade ground. You sure don't want to get caught. More importantly, risky and unprotected sexual behaviour like having unprotected sexual intercourse may lead to unwanted pregnancy, increase the risk of unsafe abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.


The NYSC camp is a good opportunity to network among several professions, create memories and meet people. To allow this, you must try to always look and be on the brighter side of things. Have fun at camp, dear Otondo.

Article By: Dr Hidyah Bakare